2004: Sharak The Third

Interesting Facts

First up, it is very hard to get any info about the making of Spellbinder, so don't expect great info here. If you want to know other facts than these, you can mail them to me (see ' contact ' page), and I'll try to find it. But as long as I haven't got a good source for this kind of info, I probably can't help you a lot.

The Flying Ship

The Flying Ship was built in Australia and all scenes with it were filmed there. The exterior was lifted using a huge crane. The interior of the ship was filmed in a studio. It was placed on a platform so the actors could climb in it from below. In Poland, they built a crashed ship, which was used in episodes 9 and 12.

Ashka's Car

According to several people on the internet, the car Ashka drove with in the final episodes, was a Miata. A Miata seems to be a car made by Mazda, but I don't know why there isn't a Mazda logo on it.

Red Miata from www.miata.net

Ashka's car in Spellbinder

Extra info on the standard of Correon's Power Suit: here

This is all I have at the moment, I hope to have some more info soon.