2004: Sharak The Third


The Spellbinderworld is a hierarchical society. The following groups can be distinguished: Villagers, Marauders, Summoners, Apprentices, Spellbinders and Regents. What follows is a summary of their tasks and roles in the Spellbinderworld.


The Villagers believe that the Spellbinders have magical powers. They fear and honor them. They have to pay a tribute of food and other goods to the Spellbinders. They are not allowed to invent new things (see Darkness). The Spellbinders offer protection against the Marauders.


The Marauders consist of people who were banished by the Spellbinders. They fear the Spellbinders, but are not dependent of them. They don't have good technology, and are with a lot, so sometimes they have to steal food from the villages. The Spellbinders believe that the Marauders are responsible for the Darkness.


The Summoners' task is to make sure that the villages are in conformity with the Spellbinders' rules. For example: they have to collect the tributes for the Spellbinders. They have an Eyestone to inform the Spellbinders of any irregularity. It is also their task to select good candidates for the job of Apprentice. The Summoners don't know the real truth about the Spellbinder world, so they also think the Spellbinders have magical powers. 


The Apprentices are chosen by the Spellbinders, normally after being selected by a Summoner. Once chosen, they learn all the secrets of the Spellbinder world and have to swear an oath to keep these secrets. If they break the oath, they are banished to the Wastelands. An Apprentice can become a Spellbinder when they proved that they can control the technology (e.g. Power Suits and Flying Ships). But because of a limited amount of Power Suits, they have to wait until a Spellbinder retires or dies.


The Spellbinders are like a police force in the villages. They have to keep law and order in the world. Because of the Darkness, they believe that knowledge has to be ruthlessly controlled. Anyone who violates the rule of inventing new things, is banished. A Spellbinder can become a Regent, when there is a free place on the council, and when they receive an unanimous vote from all the other Spellbinders.


The Regents make the decisions in the Spellbinderworld. They decide which technology can be used by the Villagers, who gets banished, etc. They make their decisions in the council. When the story takes place, there are 3 Regents: Lukan, Marna and Correon. Correon spends most of his time working on science. By these means he is less accepted by Marna and Lukan, and also didn't have the final ruling.


Apart from these, there are also Servants and Guards. Because they only have a minor role in the story, they won't be explained in detail.