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What's In A Name


The Spellbinder (USA 1928)

Comedy by Thomas Chalmers

The Spellbinder (UK 1928)

Crime movie by Tay Garnett (aka The Spieler)

The Spellbinder (USA 1939)

Movie by Jack Hively

Spellbinder (USA 1988)

Thriller by Janet Greek

Computer Games

Spellbinder: The Nexus Conflict

RPG/FPS for the PC by Mythic Entertainment

Sid The Spellbinder

Action game for the Odyssey 2 Console



CD by Uriah Heep


A rock music band
The picture below is from their cd 'Under The Spell'


Spellbinder Enterprises

This company makes home and office products like refills for inkcartridges,...

Spellbinder Systems Group

"We are computer consultants, primarily involved in writing software and deploying systems (making them all work together)"

(R. Goldman, owner of Spellbinder Systems Group)

The company was originally named 'Cybernetic Thauma-turges'. More info can be found here.

Spellbinder Computer Technology

A web design company


The Spellbinder

A book from Una Power


A painting by Alan Beck

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