© 2004: Sharak The Third

The Future

One of the most frequently asked questions about Spellbinder is whether there will be a sequel: something like Spellbinder 3 or a Spellbinder movie. Though I can't answer that question with yes or no, I can say this:

The chances are quite low, for a few reasons, so for those of you who hope, prepare for a negative answer. One of the reasons is that Film Australia has stopped making drama programmes and now only makes documentaries etc. Film Australia does own the copyrights for Spellbinder, so if another TV-company would like to make a sequel, they would have to buy the rights from Film Australia, and there isn't that much funds for children's TV programmes.

In Australia, commercial TV networks are obliged by law to create a certain number of hours of new TV-programmes for children (ages 8 to 14). This makes it possible to get a budget for new series like Spellbinder was, but also the budget is probably not big enough to buy copyright AND to make a new series. Also if there are enough programmes for children, TV networks won't be producing any more, because the commercial market value for it is lower etc.

Finally, I should point out that Spellbinder II was created because Spellbinder I was so successful. I believe that Spellbinder II wasn't that huge success, so they have probably rejected the idea of making a sequel. Although I think that the concept of Spellbinder (similar to that of 'Sliders' etc.) would be great to make a TV-series for all ages, I think most TV-producers don't know/remember it.

I hope that this information can give a more clear view on the future of Spellbinder.