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The Writing

The Script

You probably know some movies or TV-series that were based on a book. With Spellbinder this is different. The Spellbinder books were based on the script, which is written by the same authors (Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson). Both authors already worked together before on e.g. 'The Girl From Tomorrow'. They are well known for their scripts in Australia.

The Books

The Spellbinder books were written because of different reasons. A first reason is to give people who couldn't see the (entire) series a chance to read the story. Another reason is that the authors want to encourage children to read (which stimulates imagination etc), and since books of TV series seem to be popular with them, the authors decided to make books of Spellbinder.

They made two books out of each series (4 in total). This was because of the complicated storyline (and they didn't want to leave parts out). Dividing the story into 2 different books solved that problem. Making the books wasn't an easy job for the authors. They normally work on scripts, which means that they only give the instructions to all the people of the crew (e.g. for the costume designer to make an electrical suit), while when writing a book, they had to describe everything themselves. But after hard work, the compensation comes: children are reading the books and I believe that there has been a reprint of them as well.

The books of series 1 have sold old and will not be reprinted anymore. The ones of series 2 are still available until they get sold out as well. When you read the books, you will notice that some parts are different from the series. This was because they wanted the books to be finished in time (so near the release of the series) and therefore, the authors didn't have the episodes available for viewing. So the books are made directly from the script. But while filming, they changed some things, because some scenes took longer or shorter than foreseen, or because some things weren't good when filmed. This is the main reason for the difference between the books and the series.

Two Authors

The Spellbinder script is written by two authors: Mark Shirrefs and John Thomson. Writing together isn't really an obvious thing. Here is how they basically work:

In normal occasions, both authors write some scenes and then they edit each other's work. In early stages, or on difficult scenes, they sometimes both write the same scene, and then choose the best version. So it's maybe a bit harder, but the result can be of higher quality.