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You can make a page for 'The Spellbinder Castle' yourself. If you can comply to the following demands, I can add your page to the site.

:-: The page should have a subject which is somehow related to the Spellbinder tv-series.
:-: The information provided should be verified to be correct.
:-: The page will be redesigned as necessary to be put on the site.
:-: You will share the copyrights for the page with the webmaster. The page will mention you as its creator.

Possible page subjects are: any info about Spellbinder (series contents and production info etc.), translations of my pages, info about actors, crew members, movies/series in which the actors played or on which crew members of Spellbinder worked, books from the authors, cars used in Spellbinder, Gameboy game played in Spellbinder,...

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A lot of Spellbinder fanpages and tv info listings link to this site and it is part of the Summoning Tower Network.


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