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Sky Trackers

The Series

Sky Trackers is an Australian children's TV series, made in 1994. It was produced by Patricia Edgar and Margot McDonald. It won an AFI Award and a Young Actors Award, both for the performance of actor Zbych Tro-fimiuk. There also exists a  movie called 'Sky Trackers', from 1990, which is also produced by Patricia Edgar. It als involves the characters Mike and Tony Masters. Characters similar to Nikki and Maggie are also in the movie, but they are named Ali and Fiona. The actors are not the same as in the Sky Trackers TV-series.

The Story

The Masters and Colbert families live near a space tracking station, since Tony Masters and Marie Colbert are both astronomers, working at the station. Tony Masters' son, Mike, isn't into science at all, he loves Jimi Hendrix and his relationship with Tony is not good. On the other hand, Marie Colbert's oldest daughter, Nikki, is completely into science. Although there are a lot of differences between Nikki and Mike, they develop a special relationship. The series is partially about the science, but most of it is about relationships and other important things in life.

The Cast

Petra Jared as Nikki Colbert
Zbych Trofimiuk as Mike Masters
Emily-Jane Romig as Maggie Colbert
Steve Jacobs as Tony Masters
Anna-Maria Monticelli as Marie Colbert
Marco Chiappi as Christian
Rosalind Hammond as Effie
Paul Sonkkila as Frank Giles


Zbych Trofimiuk Zbych Trofimiuk Zbych Trofimiuk
Zbych Trofimiuk and Petra Jared Zbych Trofimiuk Petra Jared
Petra Jared Emily-Jane Romig Anna-Maria Monticelli
Zbych Trofimiuk and Petra Jared Zbych Trofimiuk and Petra Jared Zbych Trofimiuk and Petra Jared
Zbych Trofimiuk and Steve Jacobs Steve Jacobs and Anna-Maria Monticelli Petra Jared and Emily-Jane Romig
Petra Jared and Anna-Maria Monticelli Emily-Jane Romig and Anna-Maria Monticelli Anna-Maria Monticelli, Steve Jacobs, Petra Jared, Emily-Jane Romig and Zbych Trofimiuk


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