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The Movie

Proof is a movie from 1991, written and directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse and produced by Linda House. Martin McGrath (who also worked on Spellbinder) did the cinematography. The movie won many awards, in-cluding one at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Story

Martin is blind since his birth. As a child, he lived with his mother. He always believed she hated him for being blind. Every day, she described the garden for him, but he thought she lied about what she saw, to punish him. When she told him she was going to die, he believed it was a hoax and that she only wanted to get rid of him.
As an adult, Martin lives in his own house, with Celia, his housekeeper. Celia loves him, but he won't trust her. This frustrates her, so she plays tricks on him (like moving objects, letting the dog disappear when he is in the park, etc.). He doesn't like the situation and wants her to quit the job, so he often humiliates her.
Martin doesn't trust anyone. He makes photographs of almost every-thing around him, and he lets other people describe them for him. In that way, he has proof of the things that he can't see. His camera is like eyes for him.
One day, he goes to a restaurant and meets Andy, a waiter. He be-friends Andy, and begins to trust him. When Martin asks him to describe a picture of Celia luring the dog, he doesn't know what to do, and he lies about what's on the picture. Celia doesn't accept that Martin likes Andy more than her, so she makes a plan to discredit Andy. She begins a relation with Andy, and she lets Martin find out about the missing dog.
But the plan doesn't work out as expected: Martin fires Celia, and almost breaks up his friendship with Andy. Only when Andy makes clear that there is something between full trust and not trusting at all, Martin gives him another chance. He wants him to describe one last picture: a picture of the garden that his mother described to him. This shows him the painful conclusion that she hadn't been lying at all.

The Cast

Hugo Weaving as Martin
Geneviève Picot as Celia
Russell Crowe as Andy
Heather Mitchell as Martin's mother
Jeffrey Walker as young Martin
Daniel Pollock as the punk
Frankie J. Holden as Brian
Frank Gallacher as the vet
Saskia Post as the waitress
Belinda Davey as the doctor
Cliff Ellen as the cemetary caretaker
Tania Uren as a customer
Robert James O'Neill as a hoon
Anthony Rawling as a hoon
Darko Tuscan as a hoon
Adele Danielle as a hoon
Roy Edmunds as a policeman
Lisa Chambers as a nurse
Suzanne Chapman as the chemist girl
Angela Campbell as the high heeled woman
Osvaldo Maione as a waiter
Carole Patullo as the kiosk girl


Heather Mitchell Heather Mitchell Heather Mitchell
Heather Mitchell Heather Mitchell and Jeffrey Walker Heather Mitchell and Jeffrey Walker
Heather Mitchell Hugo Weaving Hugo Weaving
Hugo Weaving Hugo Weaving and Russell Crowe Russell Crowe
Geneviève Picot Geneviève Picot Jeffrey Walker

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