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Fan Works

Power Suits

Most Spellbinder fans have probably dreamt about having a real Power Suit. Some of them have actually made a Power Suit, sadly I haven't found anyone who made a working one ;-) . Below are pictures/video clips from the suits of a few fans. (They are ordered from newest entry to oldest).

The first (newest) one is from Slider^ (Russia). You can click on the image to see a video of him using it (RM, 528KB). Please note the sound that the suit makes when the wristplates are slid againt each-other. The maker used emery paper to achieve this effect.

The next one has been made by a Spellbinder fan called Mario. Click on the images to enlarge them.


Below is are 2 pictures of an Eyestone, made by Slider^ from Russia (see also above and below for other things he made). The Eyestone has a radius of approx. 15 cm and a thickness of approx. 13 mm.

Power Stones

Again by Slider^, here is a Power Stone. The Stone was made of some sort of yellowish soldering gum, and used to be somewhere between 40 and 50 mm long (the material wasn't very strong and it got broken in two pieces). In the other 2 dimensions, it was about 10 to 15 mm thick.


A Spellbinder fan from the Netherlands got the Spellbinder logo tattooed on her back. The result can be seen below: