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Children Of The Revolution

The Movie

Children Of The Revolution is a movie from 1996, written and directed by Peter Duncan (also known for A Little Bit Of Soul). The cinematography is done by Martin McGrath, who also did this for  Spellbinder. The movie was nominated for 9 AFI awards (Australian Film Institute), and has won 3 of them. It won some other awards as well.

The Story

It is the year 1951. Joan Fraser is a communist in heart and soul. She wants to start a communist revolution in Australia. She writes letters to Stalin and receives and invitation to visit him. She is accompagnied by David Hoyle (who has the comrade name 'Nine'). They all get very drunk, and Joan wakes up in Stalin's bedroom, with Stalin being dead. She thinks she has murdered Stalin. The members of the communist party are very pleased by his death, and she can freely return to Australia. She knows she is pregnant from Stalin, and decides to accept a pre-vious marriage proposal from Zachary Welch. He doesn't know who the father of the child is, but accepts him like were it his son.
And so, Joe Welch gets born. Joe follows his mothers' interest in com-munism, which is noticed by his teacher: mrs. Savage (Heather Mit-chell). David visits Joan, and thinks he is the father of Joan. He black-mails her with pictures from her with Stalin. He wants to be able to be with the one he thinks is his son.
During the war in Vietnam, Joe and Joan demonstrate against the war, and get arrested a lot. Joe falls in love with Anna, a police officer. When Joe has to go to the army, he refuses, and must go to jail. When a fire breaks loose prison, Joe rescues a prison guard, and is freed, being regarded as a hero. He marries Anna, and gets to lead the police and prison guards' union. He becomes a popular politician.
Questions arise over who Joe's father is. David tells Anna that he is the father, but Anna begins to believe that Stalin is the father. It all escalates and Joan tells the media that Joe is the son of Josef Stalin. Joe's political carrier is completely ruined. Then Joan gets shot by a former fellow prison inmate of Joe, and Joe gets arrested for planning the murder. Here the story ends.

The Cast

Judy Davis as Joan Fraser
Sam Neill as David Hoyle
Frank Murray Abraham as Jozef Stalin
Richard Roxburgh as Joseph Welch
Rachel Griffiths as constable Anna
Geoffrey Rush as Zachary Welch
Russell Kiefel as Barry Rogers
John Gaden as Prof. C. W. Wilke
Ben McIvor as young Joe Welch
Marshall Napier as Brendan Shaw
Ken Radley as Bernard Shaw
Fiona Press as Mavis Craig
Alex Menglet as Yuri Nikolayev
Rowan Woods as Colin Slansky
Barry Langrishe as Ted
Ron Haddrick as Sir Allan Miles
Graham Ware Jr. as Harry
Robbie McGregor as minister Frank
Heather Mitchell as mrs. Savage
Paul Livingston as Beria
Dennis Watkins as Khrushchev
Steve Abbott as Malenkov
Charles Little as doctor
Matt Potter as Tommy Booth
Harold Hopkins as police commissioner
Sam Willcock as Ivan
Craig Blair as prison guard #1
Stephen Shanahan as prison guard #2
Roy Billing as police sergeant
Philip Dodd as policeman Brian
John Paramor as policeman Davo
Micheal Kitsche as policeman #1
Glen Keenan as constable
Marian Dworakowski as Yuri's Colleague #1
Waldemar Gorechi as Yuri's Colleague #2
Ben Slivkin as Yuri's Colleague #3
Nick Holland as reporter #1
Stephen Feneley as reporter #2
Elspeth MacTavish as reporter #3 (Mary Nield)
Paul Lyneham as himself


Heather Mitchell Heather Mitchell Heather Mitchell and Judy Davis
Heather Mitchell and Judy Davis Judy Davis Judy Davis
Geoffrey Rush Geoffrey Rush Geoffrey Rush
Sam Neill Rachel Griffiths Rachel Griffiths
Ben McIvor Richard Roxburgh Richard Roxburgh, Sam Neill and Judy Davis
Richard Roxburgh Frank Murray Abraham Frank Murray Abraham and Judy Davis

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