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Site Of The Month: April 2001 and May 2001

This is my first award, I hope to get some more in the future.


Site opening at the 9th of December 2000, 15:03 CET

Visitor number 1000 at the 3th of May 2001, 15:12 CET

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For his support, visitors and more I get from him and his site.

Mark Shirrefs

For his valuable information and interest in the site.

Stephen Bertand

For the huge amount of webspace I get from him, for the episode picture archives.

All the visitors

For visiting my site and motivating me to continue working on it.

About The Webmaster

ASL: 20, male, Turnhout (Belgium)

Zodiac Sign:

Professional Occupation: 3rd year student in computer science at the K.U.Leuven university in Leuven (Belgium).

Music: pop / rock, anything with guitars in it mostly, for nostalgy also some trance etc. Current favourites (09/04/2004): I Miss You (Blink 182), Denkmal (Wir Sind Helden), The Man With The Red Face (Laurent Garnier).

Movies: some good psychological horror, comedy (only 'funny' comedies, generally not American), mystery etc. Favourites include 'The Ring' and 'As Good As It Gets'.

TV: mostly same as movies, but a bit less restrictive: some light enter-tainment is always welcome. Favourites: Spellbinder (of course), Tropical Heat, Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Six Feet Under.

Books: Stephen King, don't read much else. Best works that I read from him are 'It', 'The Shining' and 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon'.

Other likes: trains, theme parks, politics, sleeping, eating, not sporting, sunny islands, cities and so on.

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