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2004: Sharak The Third


Text Script


Episode 15

... ...
Arla Will Riana ever come home?

Of course she will. She's probably just having a lot of fun in Paul's world.

Arla Ma!
Ashka Come out Maran, and bring your children.
Arla What's going to happen to us?

It's allright. Come on Jal. Don't let the Spellbinders see that you're frightened.

Maran Arla!
Ashka Your husband is an enemy of the Spellbinders.
Maran He's a good man.
Ashka Tell me where he is. Tell me! Or I'll burn your cottage.
Maran I don't know where he is, and I wouldn't tell you if I did.
Maran Oh! Oh no! Oh!
Ashka This whole village shows disrespect to the Spellbinders. If Bron is not caught within a week, all of Clayhill will be burnt to the ground.
Summoner Spellbinder, please!
Ashka Lock them up!
Arla It's allright ma, I have Correon's magic stones. They'll keep us safe.
... ...