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2004: Sharak The Third

Text Script


Episode 12

Paul I'm doing it!
Ashka They're in the flying ship.

I can't get it to lift. We're stuck.

Riana ??? (Why aren't we moving?)
Paul I don't know. Something's stopping us from lifting off.
Paul The ship is powered by magnets, they must be holding us down.

Ashka's there!

Paul Maybe if I reverse the polarity of the ship's powerstones.
Riana Yes!
Paul I did it!
Riana Aah!
Paul Riana!
Ashka Find out where the nearest flyingship is.
Paul Are you ok?
Riana It's allright. I'm... I'm fine.
Riana Help! We're flying.
Paul What did you expect.
Spellbinder All flying ships: report your positions.
Galia This is Galia, I'm at...
Mr. Kenneth Who is doing this?
Alex Me, sir. Er, I was having a dream.
Mr. Kenneth And why are you sleeping in my class?
Alex Er, I guess it was boring sir.
Mr. Kenneth Get out Katsonis. 
Mr. Kenneth Go on.
Mr. Kenneth Yes, Katrina.
Katrina If I find the ??? boring, can I go then too, sir?
Mr. Kenneth I want you both to go to my office.
Katrina Yes sir. Thank you sir.
Mr. Kenneth Now the rest of you, get your heads down. Go on.
Paul Which way to Clayhill?
Riana That way.

Three Flying Ships crashed when the Power Stones stopped working.

Spellbinder And the nearest one that can fly is docked.
Ashka Call it back.
Ashka Galia, return to the castle at once.
Paul They'll be after us soon.
Ashka Return to the castle at once.
Riana Why don't you try and contact your friends?
Paul Alex or Katrina. This is Paul. Can you hear me?

That was great. I thought Kenneth was going to explode.

Paul Come on guys, answer me.
Katrina Hey, it's Paul, he's allright.
Alex Er, Paul, we can hear you. It's Alex, speak to me.

Alex, mate. I never thought I'd be so happy to hear your voice.

Alex Katrina is here too.
Katrina How are you, Paul?
Paul Great. Listen. You're never going to believe what happened to me.
Katrina You went through an energy doorway.
Paul Right. And I'm in...
Katrina You are in a parallel world.
Paul Yes, and I...
Katrina You need our help to get home.
Paul Yes.

We're with you all the way, mate. Just tell us what you need. Over.

Lukan Ashka, what is this?
Ashka The boy is communicating with his world.

I've just escaped from the castle in a Flying Ship with my friend Riana. We have to be careful what we say. These walls have ears. Big ones.

Katrina ??? We have to speak in code. We copy big eagle. Use a scrambler. Do you copy?
Marna What is a scrambler?
Ashka Maybe some kind of weapon.
... ...
Lukan What are they saying?
Ashka They're maybe planning to invade us.
Lukan The boy must be stopped.
Alex Comprendos amigo. We're on our way. ETA ASAP.
Apprentice Spellbinder, it's not safe inside.
Ashka Out of my way!

Regents, I know you can hear all this. It must sound pretty strange. But I'm not the one you have to be afraid of. Listen to this.

... ...

The Regents are fools. They have let the people lose respect for the Spellbinders.

Marna It's Ashka!
Ashka Paul, you have no choice in this.
Gryvon Ashka, did you hear? It's Paul's camera.
Ashka Telll me how to make gunpowder.
Gryvon The Regents will hear.

The power is gone. We're going down. Press yourself against the wall and put your head between your legs.

Riana Why?
Paul That's what the airhostess tells you to do.
Riana What's an airhostess?
Paul Riana, just do it!
... ...