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© 2004: Sharak The Third


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General Nitpicks / Multiple Episodes

  • The first major incoincidence that we cannot omit is that the English language developed in the same ways in two these worlds, and everyone in the second world speaks with the same words, even with the same loans from Latin (though the written language is not the same somehow).
  • They didn't work out exactly the powerball shooting mechanism. When the wrist plates are being connected (or the button pressed), the ball may appear (episodes 8, 10-12, 20) or may not appear (everywhere else) for some reason in the hand. And may appear, but not immediately after the suit is activated (episodes 9, 11, 12). Besides, sometimes only one ball can be launched after one activation (episodes 2, 10), but most of the time several.
  • When the plot is switching to the school (look at the very beginning of a school scene) they often show the same frame every time (episodes 4, 7, 12, 17 (in the beginning), 26 (in the end)), though the film scenery time, of course, is different, and the moves that everyone in that frame do couldn't repeat in such similar way 5 times.
  • When the flying suit is flying (episodes 25, 26) the entire object within it (Ashka, namely) must sag, because, of course, the lifting force is applied only to some parts of the suit and not to the whole object. But the body raises as being monolithic.

Episode 1

  • When Paul first went through the portal it immediately disappeared for some reason, and not when the eyestone was removed. It never happened again in the series though.

Episode 11

  • When Paul runs off from the castle with Riana and she tells him that she spoke to Katrina he says something like "What?!?!" as if he hears for the first time that this is possible. While in the marauders' maze (episode 10) he had already heard Katrina speak through the radio.
  • Before the duel (ep. 11) Gryvon cuts off some wires on Correon's powersuit and it ceases to work. Then (according to the scenery - just some minutes after - because while Paul's been taken into the dungeon, Ashka still has the tailed hair AND Riana is shown already near the castle, and it wouldn't take long for her to wander around it) this suit is worn by Gryvon and then works perfectly. Probably the main error admitted here is that between the time when Paul is put into the dungeon and taken back by Gryvon a too short period passes (namely, it comes to be the period from when Riana stands near the gate and up to when she reaches Correon's room). The suit coudn't be repaired in such a short time.

Episode 14

  • When Ashka is searching for the camera and comes to Riana's family's house, she enters the house, sees the family, and the scene ends. In the next episode the scene repeats, she comes again and asks Maran to go out and bring her children. Why would she leave them in the previous episode and not ask where Bron is? And just why was that scene abandoned? Looks like they just forgot about it.

Episode 17

  • After visiting Riana's family in the dungeon, Ashka tells Gryvon something like to stay and make them talk (as far as it can be heard in the translation), but when shortly after that leaves the regents' room, he is standing near it.

Episode 26

  • When Katrina arrives to Brian's room, the computer is switched on. Perhaps the idea was that Brian got carried away by the project and, when he was leaving the house, forgot to turn it off. But the trick is that the last time where Brian (and Paul) sees this computer before Katrina is the scene when Paul changes the control units (episode 25). This is a calm scene, they must have noticed during it that the computer is switched on, and Paul shouldn't have left the room without turning it off.
  • When Ashka is "destroying" Brian's work on the powersuit, she actually only destroys monitors (why all the people unfamiliar with computers think that that screen box is actually the computer? oh well....), so they mustn't say in the end that the technology can't be reproduced. Of course, the magnetic field emanating from the suit could destroy the information in the main system boxes, but in this case it must have destroyed also the information on the diskette Katrina copied onto, because she was standing near the computer being hit, and the diskette was on her (where else could she put it?). And in this case she couldn't show anything to Alex and Paul in the end.
  • After Ashka is catched, Brian takes the stones, they are burned. But when Ashka is hanging on the magnet AFTER being electrocuted we see that the stones aren't yet burned. They couldn't get burned while she was taken down from there, could they?
  • In the end (ep. 26) (just after Ashka is catched) they all see the burnt energy stones and end up in the opinion that the new suit can't be made because of that. But in the final scene Katrina shows the files to Alex and Paul and they all seemingly end up already in the opinion that the technology CAN be used. (In fact, the technology really can be used - if they searched again through Ashka's mansion, they most probably would find the bag with energy stones that she had taken from the second world. Strange that she didn't bring them all and not only 2 to Magnetronics laboratory.)
  • Why was Ashka electrocuted on that magnet (ep. 26) anyway? It mustn't have any tension on it, it's only a magnet. And the advanced powersuit is not like the usual powersuit, it doesn't have any bare contacts (it's waterproof!), and besides, there was no grounding in any case, she was in the air. And finally, what kind of field was that magnet generating? It must have been pushed away by the suit and not attracted. (A much nicer scene it would be if, upon activation of the magnet, Ashka would fly away from it by impulse and bump into a huge crate, thus neutralized :})