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Zbych Trofimiuk

Zbych Trofimiuk is a Polish born actor, who moved to Australia. He can be seen in the following TV-series:

:-: Sky Trackers (1994) as Mike Masters

 >>> Extra Info on Sky Trackers <<<

:-: Spellbinder (1995) as Paul Reynolds
:-: Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (1993-1996) as Darcy Reilly
    in series 1, episode 17

He received two awards for his role in Sky Trackers (as can be seen on the extra info page about Sky Trackers). After Spellbinder, he hasn't acted in any TV or movie production as far as we know.

Below are some links to websites about Zbych:

:-: Shorofsky's Zybch Site
:-: Paul Reynolds - Zbych Trofimiuk
    (part of Tom Brouwers' Spellbinder site)

If you know any other sites, then tell me.